TCS Poster Competition

The Poster Competition is open for any undergraduate or graduate student (UG, PG, Ph.D), to present ideas or results that they have, on topics spanning several key areas of Computer Science. In particular, we would be interested in seeing ideas that meld techniques from areas even seemingly unconnected, to solve problems that interest academia, industry and society.
Date: 2nd February, 2018 (Friday).

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I shall be telling this when I am high,
Somewhere ages and ages whence:
Two seats were vacant in a quiz, and I-
I took the seat with the stronger guy,
And that has made all the difference.
— Robert Frost on Quizzing

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Simultaneous Chess Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that Grandmaster Adhiban Baskaran will be joining us at Tessellate as chief guest for the Chess events. He will also be holding a simultaneous exhibition as part of his visit. Fifteen paricipants will be selected from our chess events to participate in the exhibition. Top two teams from Chess Mate and top three participants from CMI Rapid Chess Tournament will be selected. Three more exceptional performers from the entire event will also be selected for the exhibition. For more information about the events, see the corresponding event entries. Five more participants will be selected on a first come first serve basis on the day of the event for a fee of Rs 50.
Date: 4th February, 2018

Chess Mate

A variety of battle rules just waiting to be bent, cracked and completely flouted by turn. Explore the variations to the game the world marvels at.
Date: 3-4 February, 2018

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1st CMI Rapid Chess Tournament

Tesellate presents the very first edition of our annual Rapid Chess Tournament! Do you have the wit and grit to take home the first cup?
Date: 2-3 February, 2018

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Show your cunning by getting the best profit out of your money. Battle it out with other teams to be the last one standing.
Date: 4th February, 2018 (Sunday).

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Get those little grey cells to work as you solve various algorithmic puzzles and advance to harder levels. With IOI medallists setting the problems, one can be sure to find a challenge.

CMI Tessellate Cube Open

CMI has a thriving Cubing community, and has enjoyed hosting World Cube Association approved competitions before. This time, our cube competition is a part of Tessellate. For more information regarding the competition, visit HERE. Remember that you must both register on WCA and pay online - there are no on-spot registrations. The WCA registrations and the payment portal are both now open.


Tessellate welcomes you all to our onsite photography contest. The contest will be happening on all three days. The theme of the contest will be given on spot. There is no pre-registration. We will only be accepting spot registrations. Participants can submit at most 6 photographs. Only alternation in brightness and mild color correction is allowed. All photographs must be captured during Tessellate on campus and submitted by 4 PM on any of the days. For any queries please write to us at or contact Soham Chakraborty (+919884232190)/ Srijan Ghosh (+919433777622).