Tessellate 2020 





About CMI

Chennai Mathematical Institute is a centre of excellence for teaching and research in the mathematical sciences. It was founded in 1989 as a part of the SPIC Science Foundation, funded by the SPIC group in Chennai. Since 1996, it has been an autonomous institution.

CMI is managed by a Governing Council consisting of eminent persons. Today, CMI is a rare example of public-private partnership in research and education in India. The Institute receives major private funding, side by side with substantial financial support from the Government of India.

The main areas of research at CMI are Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. In addition to a vibrant PhD programme, the Institute conducts BSc programmes in Mathematics and Computer Science as well as Mathematics and Physics, along with MSc programmes in Mathematics, Data Science and Computer Science.


About Tessellate

Tessellate started in 2018, when the student body of a small research institute tessellated seemingly unrelated cultural and academic events in a seamless manner. The fugues of Music theory and Mathematics that segued into captivating carnatic concerts. Sacrificed knights and fifa fights that preceeded pro-nights. Major’s questions and trading suggestions that accompanied multiple mentoring sessions.

In deviation from the pomp and glitter of other college festivals, Tessellate presents to you three days of pure scientific and artistic fun, passion and excitement.