Every year, our quiz show event captivates participants with intriguing questions spanning a kaleidoscope of categories. From the annals of history to the intricacies of pop culture; from scientific realms to literary landscapes; prepare to put your knowledge to the test, as every obscure fact you've come across will be called upon.
This year, we are honoured to have eminent quizzer Major Chandrakant Nair as our Quizmaster. Come join us for an exciting day of cerebral combat!

Please go through the event details and rules listed below before you register, as to avoid any confusions.

Registration Cost
INR 150 per person

Last date to register

Prize Pool
INR 18,000 (includes Best College/Pre-college Team award)

When is it happening
10 AM, 28th January, 2024

Event venue
Auditorium, CMI

Rules &
Complete list of rules coming soon!
  1. Maximum team strength is 3

  2. To qualify for the Best College/Pre-college Team award, all team members should be in college or school currently. Cross-college/school teams are allowed. College/school ID cards need to be produced on the day of the event.

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